Looking For Amazing Mixed Drinks? Check Out My Top 10 Cocktails

"this mixed drinks came out amazingly delicious, now i know why they call it CLASSIC cocktails, They are just AWESOME!"

Are your friends visiting tonight? A hot date? A special night with the wife? Husband coming home from work?

Check out the Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails, Mix them a drink and you will amaze them!

Learn the amazing story behind each drink, it's origin and the people behind it.

I will guide you step by step, giving you the most useful and basic bartender tips and tricks, bringing every drink you make to be just like it should be - perfect...

So let's start SHAKING!

Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails

mojito-recipe Mojito
Make Cuba's famous drink, This drink is just amazing! And so simple, all you need is very basic ingredients.
cosmopolitan-martini Cosmopolitan
What girl doesn't just love the Cosmo? Who made it famous? Surprise your special lady with the perfect cosmopolitan, she will be amazed!
margarita Margarita
The best margarita recipe after years of searching for the perfect one.
mint-julep Mint Julep
This is a perfect cocktail, and my favorite to make, you can mix it too! It's very simple and requires very basic ingredients.
caipirinha Caipirinha
This drink really gets you moving, dance to the samba rhythm and shake yourself this easy to make drink. One of the coolest mixed drinks out there...
long island iced tea Long Island Iced Tea
The best recipe for this head banging drink, it gets you moving in minutes!
apple-martini-recipes Apple Martini
The most amazing thing about all apple martini recipes is that they are all super tasty, they suits every occasion and there are very few people out there that will refuse one if offered...
mimosa-recipe Mimosa
The best and easiest cocktail for a brunch or special breakfast, champagne and orange juice is all you need.
bellini recipe Bellini
A classic tasty champagne cocktail, so easy and simple! So if it's peaches you like, this is deffinatly the drink for you.
kir-royal Kir Royale
The classic champagne cocktail that everyone loves, it's great before dinner or as a reception drink, you do not need any bar tools or special equipment.


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