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"The martini recipes on this site are simply AMAZING! you made it my favorite cocktail..."

My Martini collection is the home of many famous classical martini recipes, it also features some amazing signature martinis, so just choose your martini and let's get started. you can choose from the list above or you can keep on reading and choose from the links later on this page.

If your looking for some Martini Mixing Tips and secrets, check out my Martini Guide and find out all you need to know for making a perfect Martini.

The martini has a special place in my heart, it's the first cocktail I have ever made and it's also the most classic cocktail in the world.

I've been making martinis for 15 years now, from the classic dry martini to my own inventions with crazy ingredients like hot peppers, chocolate or fig jam...

The martini is probably the most famous cocktail in the world. It goes way back to the 19th century and it didn't loose its popularity ever since.

Here is an interesting fact about making classic martini -
a Dry Martini means a martini with less dry vermouth. That's right, more dry vermouth makes your martini less dry... (Click here for some more Martini Facts and making rules).

There are many kind of martini recipes, classic martinis based on gin or vodka, or freestyle martinis that break every rule and are open to the creativity of the person mixing them.

"I love to drink martinis, two at the very most, after three I'm under the table, after four I'm under my host..." (Dorothy Parker)

  1. So let's start making martinis. We must start with the classic of them all, the base of this martini guide, the Dry Martini. This drink is perfection at it's best!

  2. Now here is the guy that made this drink famous all over the world. Full respect to the James Bond Martini.

  3. You know that trendy martini in the 90's that became classic? The Cosmopolitan Martini, the lady's favorite.

  4. The Metropolitan Martini is a great cocktail for a great evening indoors or on the night out, it's tasty, sexy and very cool, in a few minutes you can be drinking this great cocktail.

  5. If you're looking to go wild, check out the White Chocolate Martini. it's one of my most famous signature cocktails.

  6. And we're not through with the chocolate lovers, we also have the classic and wonderful Chocolate Martini.

  7. The pear martini recipe is one of the newest cocktails in the martini family. It's a delicate classic with a twist.

  8. The Pomegranate Martini is one of the most popular cocktails in the past years, it has a beautiful red color and an amazing taste. The pomegranate gives this cocktail a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

  9. The Espresso Martini is all you need to finish a great dinner, at home or at a restaurant, it gives you that push to keep having fun and not fall asleep, which sometimes happens to the best of us...

  10. This is the best Lemon Drop Martini recipe I know about, and there are many out there. This cocktail has become popular in the 1970's and remains a favorite today.

  11. Martini Rouge is such a cool and sexy cocktail, it's not known by many and always good for surprising people with a great drink they are not familiar with.

  12. The Apple Martini is one of the most beloved cocktails out there, that's because it's very balanced, a bit sweet, a bit sour and that great refreshing apple flavor.

  13. The Green Apple Martini is another great version of the classic Apple Martini, this cocktail version is a bit stronger because it's only ingredients are alcohol.

  14. The Sour Apple Martini is an upgrade to the classic Apple Martini, a very popular cocktail that has become extremely popular in the past years.

  15. This Sidecar recipe is the classic version of a top martini cocktail that was invented at the famous "Harry's Bar" at Paris.

  16. The French Martini is a popular classic martini cocktail. It contains the elegant French Chambord - a premium black raspberry liqueur, wich balanced the pineapple sourness and gives it the perfect smoothness.

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If you liked my martini recipes, Check out my Martini Guide - It's a Martini Mixing Must!!!



Top 5 Martinis

  1. Dry Martini
  2. Cosmopolitan
  3. Apple Martini
  4. pear martini
  5. Metropolitan

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