The Classic Champagne Cocktail -
Kir Royale Fits Everyone

"before dinner i just love drinking a kir royale, it gets me in the mood..."

This is an easy, tasty and light cocktail made with champagne or sparkling wine and creme de cassis which is a blackcurrant liqueur.

This is a great aperitif, this means that it's great to drink it before dinner, the bubbles of the champagne get you in the right mood and the taste is dry so it doesn't interfere with the food flavors.

If you don't have champagne you can use any sparkling wine, the only things important is that it's dry and not sweet and that the champagne must be cold!

Here is my Kir Royal video. If you prefer a written recipe just scroll down this page.




  • Creme de Cassis

  • Chilled champagne or sparkling wine


Step by Step Instructions:

Bar tools used: (Click the link for instructions) Bar Spoon or long thin item

* I use this professional , it's an amazingly comfortable Shaker.

*You can use this standard .

* If you still don't have a Bar Tools Set check out this .

Glass: Flute(champagne), Wine glass


  • Step 1: Pour 1 Oz of Creme de cassis in the glass

  • Step 2: Tilt the glass and fill it with your champagne or sparkling wine

  • Step 3: Give it a stir with you bar spoon or any long thin object

  • If you have a cherry just throw it in your drink.

  • You can also use:

    Chambord, this is a great berry liqueur from France, it's amazing and makes a great kir royale.

    The best creme de cassis is one that comes from Dijon from France, so look for the word Dijon on the label.





Cocktail-Guru Tip

You can dip the rim of the glass in sugar (wet the rim before you do this with an orange or lemon wedge, it will make the glass look very attractive and give a bit of sweetness with every sip.

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