by Coco
(Park City, UT)

Fill tall glass with ice, add 2 fingers of Jack Daniel's, then fill to the top with lemonade. Garnish with 1 slice of lime and 1 sprig of mint.

Even those who dislike Jack are getting addicted.

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Reminiscing -
by: Tank

This is a great cocktail, and the name harkens back to memories I have of a great football player, a quarterback who starred at Wesleyan University in the '90s and before that for high school football powerhouse Everett, MA.
A great drink with the same name as a New England legend...
I'll drink to that!

Farnell Cocktail
by: Ron FarnellAnonymous

It is a very refreshing drink for all seasons my son Rick started it at the JeremyGolf And Country Club,in Park City,Utah.

Makes Jack Taste Good!
by: Yo Jack

I'm not normally a bourbon fan, but the lemonade takes the edge off....lime & mint add a nice finish

by: Larry V.

The Farnell is delicious. Whoever came up with this concoction is a genius. Yum...

Had it in Palo Alto
by: Katie

We ordered this cocktail at Junoon in Palo Alto. The bartender asked specifically how to mix and viola! a wonderful drink to have with our Indian appetizers. Highly recommend.

by: Anonymous

I love the Farnell it is the best cocktail. I gave up soda last year and was looking for an alternative to my Jack and Coke or Jack and Diet Coke.

by: Rick

I love the Farnell. It is a great alternative to Jake and Coke or Jack and DIet Coke, if you are looking for an alternative to soda. The fresh mint really makes the drink.

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