Double Strain A Crystal Clear Cocktail


Straining a cocktail twice is usually used when making cocktails in martini glasses, we do not have ice in this glass and we want it to look clean an crisp

I love using many different tools when I'm mixing, it adds a lot of fun and i believe that the more effort you put in a cocktail the better it is.

To strain, we need:

Bar Strainer and Fine Strainer.

We pour the drink into the glass through the fine strainer.

double-strain double-strain

If you looking for a strainer, before you run off to spend your money on new bar strainer, you have to give eBay a visit! On eBay you'll find almost all the bar strainers and bar tools that has ever existed.

Soon to come:

How to strain video, just follow our moves and you'll be straining like a pro in seconds.

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