Austyn Crow

by Mr. Fantasy
(London, England)

2oz absinthe ,Jaegermeister substitute if absinthe not available
2oz stolichnaya vodka
Lime garnish
Serve shaken on the rocks

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Very strong
by: Anonymous

This is a really strong drink. They were making them at a BBQ I went to and I wish that I hadn't had it as the first drink of the night. In is a drink that you have after you've had a few light ones first. I will say this though; the flavours are complementary and it IS a great drink but not a drink to have if you want to party all night.

Good one!
by: Anonymous

A new classic!

by: Anonymous

Packs a huge punch... Just like the famous guitarist it's named after! Had just two of these in London, two weeks ago. Taste is a bit abrasive at first. But....oh god. Strongest buzz imaginable. Not for the faint of heart. But for those few strong ones....this is the ultimate drink for a night out with ya mates.

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