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"the best and most interesting cocktail recipes on the web,

Looking for the Perfect Drink?

There are hundreds of thousands cocktail recipes on the web, many of them are just "spam" cocktails and most of them require professional mixing skills, and all you were looking for was a nice drink... well, you can stop your searches!

In this site, based on my experience and knowledge, I chose the best classic and most unique cocktails ever made and gathered them for you as my Selected Cocktail Collection. It will save you all the searches so you won't have to spend precious time...

Mixing drinks is not as hard as it looks. I will show you the art of cocktail mixing so you can mix classic and special unique drinks just like a professional bartender.

How about surprising your boyfriend or husband with a Refreshing Drink when he gets back from work?

Want to surprise your special girl with a Romantic Delicate Martini?

Throwing a Bachelor party? Wedding? Baby Shower?

Having friends over? Want to surprise your guests?

You gotta have some alcohol lying around at home, why not BRING IT TO USE?!

This site gives you all the cocktail knowledge and mixing secrets needed for making a perfect drink for every occasion.

Don't worry, you will be guided not only to make a single cocktail for one person, but also to make a drink for as many people as you wish.

I will guide you step by step, from the basic ingredients to the most fancy garnishes.

So let's start SHAKING!




The Classic Margarita is an easy tasty way for entering the cocktail mixing world. Check out this Margarita mixing video.



For some more cool cocktails check out the mojito mixing video or the Mint Julep mixing video.


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